Dad Shows Son how to handle Woman-Business

The Yearling
Most amusing part of this book, so far. This is from the boy's jaded perspective, realize, as his mother and grandmother argue...

"Jody fidgeted in his chair. The coziness of Grandma's house was chilled, as though the doors were open. It was more woman-business, he decided. Women were all right when they cooked good things to eat. The rest of the time they did nothing but make trouble. Penny's step sounded on the porch. Jody was relieved. Perhaps his father could straighten them out....

"He said, 'Now ain't this fine? The two women I love the most in all the world, waitin' for me by the hearth-fire.'

"Grandma said, 'If the two women loved each other as good, Ezra, all'd be well.'

" 'I know you two don't git on,' he said. 'You want to know the reason? You're jealous, Grandma, 'cause I'm livin' with Ory. And Ory, you're jealous 'cause you ain't as handsome as Grandma. Now hit takes a bit of age to make a woman handsome - I don't say purty - and time Ory's got a bit of age on her, mebbe she'll be handsome, too.'

"It was impossible to quarrel around his good-nature. The two women laughed and bridled." (pg 304)

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