Rest and rule as we remember

At this table we come to rest and to rule with the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to consider ourselves as God sees us. This means first that we see God as pleased with us in Christ. We rest in God’s favor toward us. We have that favor together with our fellow believers, fellow workers in the church. So we are pleased with our fellow church members, as we know God is, in Christ. The gospel involves a mission toward people, and this table is meant as preparation, reminder, strength-building for that mission. We long to see the Lord’s churches full, more people partaking of this bread and wine. God blesses us here, to be a blessing to others. And finally, our response to God’s grace involves every part of us. God has numbered every hair on your head, so let us count our every blessing and strain our every nerve for Him. But as we do, remember. We do not strain and work to conquer. We already have crowns and reward awaiting us. We work because rule has already been given to us. Rest in that. When you take up your work again, remember that Christ’s yoke is easy, His burden is light.


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