Neither Magical nor Merely Mental nor Momentary

(Sunday after the 2012 Presidential Election)

As we pass this tray of wine, the sign Jesus gave us of His blood of the covenant, we should remember there is no magic here. The Latin for “this is my body” is Hoc est corpus meum, which the Medieval mass-goers mis-heard as hocus pocus. But there is no magical change in the bread here. Then again, we also believe this is more than a mental exercise. The Spirit really brings us to commune specially with the living Christ as we eat and drink here. We can’t conjure it automatically with words I say or with actions or feelings we conjure up inside. We cannot buy, bottle or manipulate the living God. Another mistake is to just go through motions, shrugging. But when we come here in faith and trust the impact on our souls can’t be missed. The Spirit gives life, making everything else pale in comparison. Rediscover that life today. Don’t let angry crowds or ignorant voters steal your life and joy in the Lord. Jesus is bigger than riots and elections. He has seen a dozen civilizations rise and decline. His plan is perfect; He does not wring His hands, or want us to.


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