Emotions present, but not driving the car

An acquaintance wrote a great piece called "Head and Heart," and allowed (a while ago!) my reprinting in part here:

Some "Christians tend to exalt theart at the expense of head - those who are led and who rejoice, not at the sound of the truth, but at what plays the heart-strings. Emotion laden forms of religion are all around us.

"Yet I think that man, espeicailly in the Reformed churches, overreact against that.... I am troubled that many seem to be more in love with the head of the Reformed faith, and neglectful of its heart. That is many love the high intellectual and rational truths of the Reformed faith, but do not understand that such intellectual comprehension must be met with love for God, and a vital Christian piety."

Ken Pierce, "Head and Heart"
In Facts, Jan 2007, pg 5

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