Communion Exhortation - 1/13/08

Text: Colossians 1:1-14

God the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ, has qualified us to partake, to have a share, in the inheritance of the saints of light. This brings us to this table, where we act out the share we have with Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, Epaphras, all joint heirs with Jesus.

This is a service of covenant renewal worship. This means that we believe we have assembled here to renew covenant with God. But it is important for us to understand the nature of this renewal.

We are not renewing covenant because "if we don’t" it will somehow expire. We are not renewing covenant the way a tenant renews a lease with his landlord. Rather, we are renewing covenant the way food renews the body, the way wine renews the heart, the way lovemaking renews marriage.

When a covenant is made, it is made on the basis of an oath. That oath is then sealed in some fashion, and is periodically renewed. Every time the covenant is renewed, the oath is reaffirmed.

Whenever we bring new members into our fellowship, we ask you to renew your membership vows as you accept their membership vows, and we ask you to do this with the solemn and joyful oath – a corporate, “I do,” or “Amen.” But you are renewing your connection to Christ, and to your brothers and sisters, more often than that. Every time you come to this Table, your connections are renewed. Every time you come, the oath is renewed.

Now, never forget one of the central features of the new covenant. What is the work that is required of you? It is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are vowing obedience, you are vowing reliance on His obedience on your behalf. When you are resolving to live in a manner that befits a Christian—as you should be—you are resolving to trust Him to work out in your life the good works that He is willing to instill in you, and accomplish through You.

The covenant oath we are renewing here is the covenant oath that recognizes that Jesus Christ is everything. Christ is master, Jesus is Lord. The Son of man is victim, the Messiah is king. Jesus is servant, Christ is bread and wine. You in Christ, and Christ in you, that God may be all in all.

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