Against Third Parties

We believe that individuals, the Church and society at large will not be completely sanctified before Christ returns. So what sense does it make to demand a perfect candidate before we vote for him? I'm LIKELY to vote for the one who is 80% there over the one who is 40-60% there, instead of voting for the 3rd party who is 95% there but hasn't a chance.

A lot depends on how you view your vote. Is it a statement to God that must line up 100% with your conscience and beliefs, for your integrity's sake? (3rd party view) Or is it like your words and your money: a limited resource you must employ strategically and wisely in the location of the battleline that will have most effect? (1 of 2 parties view) Note that in that second view, your vote is still accountable to God.

We drastically underestimate the cultural difference between the parties if we write off both as bigger-gov't-than-is-right. It still holds true generally that red state/blue state refers to one of two positions on a set of social issues as much as political parties. Rare is the pro-choice but anti-gay marriage person, e.g. Perhaps we ought to support the more Biblical of the two, until a more viable choice comes along. I'm not against actively working for that 3rd choice, either...

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