Communion exhortation - 5/18/08

Text: Colossians 4:7-18

We were exhorted before our confession of sin not to disregard the body as we come to the table. In the sermon we found Paul taking care to get various parts of the Body sharing in fellowship with Christ. So as we come to the Table, do not leave all that behind and hunker down within yourself, to find Jesus somewhere in the deep inner recesses of your soul. His visible Body sits all around you. If you must consider your sins, do so by remembering your forgiving the guy sitting ahead of you when he offended you. Call to mind your lingering resentments or animosities toward others here, and resolve settle them within yourself or with that person. The more you know one another as believers and followers of Christ, the more you will know Christ. The point of this meal is to share together in Christ, not to each get our own piece of Him for our private consumption. We are one bread as one body, sharing in Christ’s body. And what we need most is to share in His cleansing blood, washing our sins away. If you do not share in Christ in that way, by faith, you are lost. So come to Him. Believe on His name. Share in His Body.

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