Vacation book buying

We now have two full boxes of books, 74 volumes all told, of sale books from various bookstores and sales here in West Michigan. We never come here intentionally for the books, but sometimes they practically fall into our laps. Here's the rundown, if you're interested...

Eerdman’s Publishing bookstore
most of these were 70% off, factory damaged goods

Christian Reflections, Lewis, CS
Little Exercise for Young Theologians, Thielicke
Peculiar Speech: Preaching to the Baptized, Willimon, Will
Contemplative Pastor, Peterson, Eugene
Christ Plays in 10,000 Places, Peterson, Eugene
Jesus Way, Peterson, Eugene
Above All Earthly Powers, Wells, David
Church in History, Kuipers - textbook for younger readers
Preaching Christ from the OT, Greidanus, Sidney
- my preaching professor at Calvin Seminary - very good
Spiritual Depression, Lloyd-Jones, Martin
Graded Reader of Biblical Greek - time to brush up!
Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew
Biblical Greek Exegesis
Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Baker Used book store – Grand Rapids
Binding of God, Lillback, Peter - analysis of covenant in Calvin's writings
God Who is There, Schaeffer, Francis
Postmodern Times, Veith, Gene Edward
Kingdom of the Cults, Martin, Walter
Method for Prayer, Henry, Matthew
Protestant Biblical Interpretation, Ramm, Bernard
Universe Next Door, Sire, James - rundown of competing worldviews
Examples of Holiness, Ryle, JC
Call to Prayer, Ryle, JC
Reading Between the Lines, Veith, Gene Edward
Kingdom of Priests, Merrill, Eugene
Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses, Poythress, Vern

Calvin College bookstore
Solomon among the Postmoderns, Leithart, Peter - study on Ecclesiastes
Work of the Holy Spirit, Kuyper, Abraham

Baker store – Holland
store was being sold – half off all but one of these

Judas and the Gospel of Jesus, Wright, NT
Back to Basics, Hagopian, ed - excellent summary of Reformed basics
Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant, Schenck, Lewis Bevens
Future of Justification: A Response to NT Wright, Piper, John
- heard it was good, and not just from the anti-Wright crowd
Matthew commentary, Boice, James
Talmud: A Close Encounter, Neusner, Jacob - Neusner is excellent
To 1000 Generations, Wilson, Doug
Symphonic Theology: the Validity of multiple perspectives in theology, Poythress, Vern
House for My Name: A Survey of the OT, Leithart, Peter

Used book and curriculum sale in Zeeland at the Baptist church

Wizard of Oz, Baum, L. Frank
101 Devotions for Homeschool Moms, Wellwood
Tramp for the Lord, ten Boom, Corrie
Matchlock Gun, Edmonds, Walter
Quilt Story, Johnston and dePaola
Black Beauty, Sewell, retold by Simpson, Anne
Paul Revere’s Ride, Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
What the Bible Says about Being a Girl, Pearables
Chocolate Touch, Catling
Daniel Boone, Wilkie
Indian in the Cupboard, Banks, Lynne Reid
Mouse and the Motorcycle, Cleary, Beverly
Man in Bearskin, Keuning, J. - local West. Michigan history
Danny and the Dinosaur, Hoff, Syd
Caps for Sale, Slobodkina
Children’s Book about lying, Berry, Joy
Saxon Math 2 workbook
Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Arminianism: A Workbook, Talbot, Kenneth
McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader set
Life of David Brainerd, Edwards, Jonathan
Knowing God, Packer, JI
Colonial Williamsburg Official Guidebook and Map (!!)
Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music, Gross, Milton, 2 vols.
Disciplines of a Godly Woman, Hughes, Barbara
Bulwark of the Republic: A Biography of the Constitution, Hendrick, Burton
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Edersheim, Alfred
Mom's house (!)
What Say the Prophets, Mennenga, George
Pilgrim's Regress, Lewis, CS
Money, Sex and Power, Foster, Richard


  1. What a haul! Recognize lots of those. I find our McGuffeys full of material to memorize...The Village Blacksmith anyone? Read the Mouse and the Motorcycle on the ride home, what fun!
    We've thought about ya'll especially when it's been cool and breezy..."The Hemmeke's are missing this!"

  2. umm... i think you need to visit book buyers anonymous.

    seriously though, it might take me a while to get over my jealousy that i missed those mcguffey sets and you snagged them!