Communion exhortation - 6/1/08

Text: Genesis 1-3

You stand by the trees in the middle of the garden. Satan continues to tempt us to the forbidden tree, by slandering God. He says “you don’t want what God’s selling. God is trying to keep you from being all you could be. Just look at all those commandments! Take one of them and you’ll be ahead of His game.”

I stand here as Christ’s representative telling you that is a lie. You can believe God’s Word, you ought to trust Him. He is not pulling a fast one on you, making you believe and do all this. He gives you trials and tests to strengthen you, b/c He loves you. Adam and Eve should have known that love as they looked around. We should know His love as we look at the tree, the cross.

So, you cannot eat of the Lord’s table, and the table of demons.

The other tree is the tree of life. Jesus’ body is the eternal fruit on that tree, and when pierced, the river of blood flows down the mtn to the whole world, the healing of the nations.
Yet even here, if we turn to the right tree, we can partake without realizing God’s true character. He is not angry with you, shaming you with the guilt of the cross. We are not out of the garden b/c He doesn’t want us anymore, but b/c it is not safe for us yet. He has not fully prepared us for Himself. Let Him prepare you now, as you remember His covenant, His blood in faith.

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