Summer time off

The kids and I are taking a break from school, which means lots of fun "extra" activities! Here's what's on our list for the near future:

teaching drawing classes
sewing, sewing, sewing! -dress to finish, baby puzzle balls, restore/finish antique quilt, finish the 10-year quilt (king sized, hand quilted, 10 years in progress)
gardening - we have 9 zucchini plants, 10 green beans, 2 bell peppers, 3 lettuces
landscaping - the house needs flowers/shrubs/etc. I have a design in mind, but my time has been filled with watering the existing plants to keep them alive.
knitting - started socks, sleeved shawl, baby blanket...
reading - the kids have an ice cream incentive for reading books this summer. I have lots of kid books to reread to refresh my memory!

We'll be making plenty of local trips too, but those are less planned and more ad hoc as the weather dictates.

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