Functional Knitting

I saw the most practical application of knitting tonight - a Swiffer dust mop cover. All the convenience of a Swiffer, none of the disposable cost. Love it. Click the title to see pictures.

My own knitting has been sporadic lately, mostly due to other hobbies elbowing their way in like a bad high school girls basketball game. I started taking cello lessons 2 months ago after almost seven years of "resting". It's tough to undo all the bad habits I picked up in those 7 years!

I also started sewing a dress for myself. Drafting my own pattern. It hasn't gone well, and I aborted the mission and headed to JoAnn's to buy a pattern in hopes of salvaging the project. I did, however, learn a lot about pattern design and hope to get the 1942 book "Modern Pattern Design" by H. Pepin to continue learning about this incredible design process. Baby blankets have been an ongoing sewing project. Our church is blessed with babies!

The knitting front has been engulfed by lace - what else do you knit when it's 100 degrees? A circular lace shawl with sleeves, lace knee socks, and some top secret gift knitting. And since summer is here, that means I need to start planning and working on Christmas knitting.

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  1. i'm totally making those! (although i will have to learn what "bobbles" are.) i have that exact swiffer and don't use it anymore because i have been mixing my own stuff to clean the floor... and my rags don't fit it and paper towels don't work at all. thanks for sharing!

    and, happy travelling :)