Old Friends, New Friends - Always Best Friends

We're back from Michigan, and despite what you might infer from Steve's post, we did NOT spend all our time in book stores. We had many great gatherings with family and friends, and bumped into folks we knew all over town. Steve has a group of friends who have known each other from infancy, and while they remain tried and true old friends, many new friendships are forming within the next generation of this group.

Thanks to Rebecca Laarman for this great photo.

Ages from left to right (1, 32, 1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 5, 7, 8, 6).

Here's the next group of Overisel sprouts. Grace surprised us by being the tallest, despite being 3rd from top in age. The kids are all lined up here as an excitement-control measure while waiting for hot dogs. The rain and cold weather didn't daunt these guys as they took control of the playground and welcomed other park-goers to a fast-paced game of "tunnel tag." Read a great write-up about these old and new friendships at Val's blog.

The bearded kid 2nd from the left had the hardest time waiting for his hot dog - I think he's trying to cut in line.

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