I started teaching an intro to drawing course this summer. This is my 5th round as teacher to homeschoolers in the area, totalling to about 50 students over the past 2 yrs. I really enjoy it, but it is quite challenging to put into clear, concrete words a method that just sort of comes naturally to me. Add to that the complexity of different learning styles, personalities, and natural abilities... whew! My desire is not to have students be able to realistically draw an object at the end of the course. My goal is to help them learn to SEE and understand what they're seeing, and feel confident in the procedures of drawing to be able to strike out on their own and develop their own style. My students range in age from 8yrs old to nearly a great-grandma (sorry NT! Do you think of yourself as that yet??), but they're all kids at heart. I love getting to know each of them (you can tell so much about a person just by looking at their drawings!)

And I think they're learning that the "pastor's wife" is much more than just that. :)

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