Under-the-wire knitting

The summer heat may be upon us, but that doesn't mean the needles and wool go away. Quite the opposite! I've been very busy click-clacking away making gifts, completed in record time, just in time:

15 hr drive to see family? No problem, knit the 1 yr old's birthday sweater on the road. He was very obliging to wear a wool sweater in June.

Came back from the above trip and realized I had a week to make another baby sweater. Gulp! OK, this one took 2 weeks, but I DID manage to finish it before the baby was born! Whew!

The NEXT DAY this purse was started for a friend moving away. I had 24 hrs before it had to be delivered, so bulky yarn and chunky cables fit the bill. This one was knit entirely at a wedding rehearsal!
Extra touch: lined with a fun tea pot fabric, but hand sewn through many tears. I hope it doesn't fall apart. I miss you SK!!
All the summer gifts are made, and now it's time to think about Christmas. Really. It's almost August! Get your orders in soon...there's lots of bright orange bulky wool left! Hunting hats?? :)


  1. i am in desperate need of some bright orange bulky wool socks, actually... ;)

  2. And the baby's mama LOVES the sweater and cannot wait to sew a dress to match!

  3. That purse and sweater are amazing! So groovy!

  4. such a beautiful purse! Absolutely gorgeous baby sweater!