Slippery Slope not always a Fallacy

Doug Wilson, discussing womens' ordination, and in the process, describing my denomination of origin, the Reformed Church in America:

"If someone is disposed to argue this particular point with me, they could win that argument by making a list of all the denominations that have begun to ordain women in the last generation, and show me how this was followed by an explosion of moral chastity, purity, and fidelity. Looking for flourishing chastity in such settings is a sexual snipe hunt. Just ask the question directly. Those denominations that worked through the controversy of women's ordination a generation ago have certainly moved on. Their controversies now concern whether sodomites should be wearing sodomitres in solemn procession up the central aisle."


  1. Steve,
    (not related to your post, sorry.) Check out the book review at Pyromaniacs http://teampyro.blogspot.com/

    It looks like an interesting read.

  2. It actually IS a bit related, Margaret, as these guys are RCA! Part of the faithful remnant in that denomination...