School schedule update

We're on day 3 of our new homeschooling schedule. The children are learning.

But the schedule flunked. It worked for one day only, and not even technically that long! Day #2 was sabotaged by being out for 4 hours to teach drawing, but we managed to get (nearly) everything else done in the afternoon and evening. Day #3 (today) I woke up 2 hours into my schedule. Oops! I'm laughing at it all, really. I'm figuring out how to work 9 - or is it 10? - distinct lessons for 3 distinct children into one day, plus serve up 3 meals for 6 people on a regular basis. Sounds like a bad math problem.

We're out of sliced bread, there are 4 eggs in the fridge, the spelling list is AWOL, and little ditties about nouns and verbs are going through my head. And yet, it all works out at the end of each day by God's grace. The 7 yr old is conjugating Latin verbs while building Lego spaceships, the 6 yr old wanted to do a weeks worth of Lit in one day (and did), the 5 yr old submitted to Mom's way of coloring in squares, and the 2 yr old was jumping with joy while screaming out numbers I pointed to.

This is all really quite fun if you have a strange sense of humor, a VO specialty. :)


  1. Ok, so now try adding this to the equation: 2 more children, 103 chickens, 13 cows, 5 sheep, 4 cats and 1 dog. Oh, and a garden and Mt. Never-rest laundry pile...and contractions!

    hee hee...I love you Sara!


  2. I feel for you. I sat down to make our schedule last night and am wondering myself how it's all going to work this year. :) Patience & grace and one day at a time. (Sometimes one moment at a time!)

    A sense of humor is a must! Blessings to you all!