I'm preaching through the Ten Commandments right now, and have gathered quite a stack of resources. It was on the left side of my computer Monday, and now it's on the right side. In case you can't see them, they are

Reformed Confessions Harmonized - Beeke and Ferguson
Romans - Boice
Exodus - Sarna (Jewish Publication Society)
Westminster Shorter Catechism - Williamson
Comfort and Joy - Kuyvenhoven (Heidelberg commentary)
Good News we almost forgot - DeYoung (Heidelberg commentary)
Foundations of the Christian Faith - Boice
Systematic Theology - Hodge
Triple Knowledge - Herman Hoeksema (Heidelberg commentary)
Christian's Reasonable Service - Wilhelmus a Brakel
Institutes of Biblical Law - Rushdoony
Ten Commandments - Thomas Watson
Institutes - John Calvin

Now it's time to wrap up the sermon writing...

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