We have arrived; but still fighting

Just read in Hoeksema's Triple Knowledge commentary on Heidelberg, than Canaan is a type (Biblical symbol) of our rest in Christ, as Egypt is a type of our bondage in sin.

This made an eschatological (end times) point come clear to me.

Most evangelical believers consider themselves in the desert symbolically, having come out of Egypt, but not yet entered Canaan/glory. Songs of crossing Jordan, meaning dying, come to mind.

But I think I've come to believe that as believers we have entered the rest symbolized by Canaan. This is one reason John and Jesus baptized at the Jordan. We have entered Canaan in our regeneration, conversion and belief in Christ. We have entered that rest (Hebrews 4). We have inherited the land.

We are in the book of Joshua, not Numbers, symbolically speaking. Not that Numbers doesn't apply, obviously.) We have come into the land, baptized in the river, and called to fight back His enemies (preach to and convert them) in the land that is and will be ours in Christ.

This is not an "over-realized" eschatology, as some accuse. The enemies are still among us, we must fight, we have not yet won completely, and the judgment and consummation await. But have come to our final rest, spiritually, in Christ (Heb. 4:9-11).

This is an important point, because as believers we tend to hunker down and just wait out the pagans' occupation of the earth until the Lord comes to sweep us away. This seriously hampers evangelistic effort. We have lost the war inside, before we ever engage with anyone about the Lord Christ.

No, we are now in the land we will inherit. We are the heirs. The wicked will be blown away like chaff, but we will stand, in the judgment. Take confidence from this, not that you are invulnerable, but that Jesus has called you to a work that He will finish.

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