Read the contract again

Every week we hear again Jesus’ words which He said in the upper room: this cup is the new covenant in my blood. The point of this meal is to remind us of Christ’s death on the cross, and for that reminder to draw us to thanksgiving and communion with God. He made covenant promises to bless Abraham’s descendants for 1000s of years, and he said this is my covenant: be circumcised. This is my covenant, and he sprinkled sacrificial blood on Israel, on us. In Christ all those promises are yes and fulfilled. As we believe in Christ we are Abraham’s children, heirs of our father’s estate. So this cup is the covenant. Every week God wants us to haul out the contract and read it again, because He loves us. And because He loves us He wants us assured of His love. Receive this covenant grace offered through Christ. It is for you and your children. It is also for those far off, yet to hear and believe this good news.


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