A firm anchor to ascend to the ship

(Ascension Sunday)
David resolves to pray to God in the morning, to direct his thoughts and prayers to God and to look up [Psalm 5:3]. We are called to set our mind on things above, where Christ is. At the Lord’s Table, God has given us a place from which to hope. Think of it as an anchor at the bottom of the sea. We cry out to God from the depths, with a solid anchor among us so we know our sure hope. That anchor is connected to the ship on the surface, and the captain of our salvation commands the craft. He will see us safely on board. On Ascension Sunday remember that He has already gone up the rope to the ship. And He has not forgotten you. The tie that now binds us is the Spirit, who unites us to heaven by the cross of Christ. Blest be that tie, and may your joy increase in your sweet fellowship with the Lord.


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