Pray-ers and fighters partake

One theme this morning (from Psalm 4) is that God hears the prayers of the faithful and gives us joy and peace. The wicked have no such assurance. This is all played out for us at the Lord’s Table. Where true faith comes to this table, God really unites us to Christ, strengthens that union, feeds our souls with Christ. He gives us joy and peace, rest and renewal here.

But pretenders God does not hear. This table will hurt them, not help them. Coming here to play along, get along, or get on some one’s good side, without really loving the Lord Jesus defiles this table. Do not partake if that’s really what you’re doing. But if you are struggling with a besetting sin, even if you are losing most of the time, if you are fighting it, then come and receive strength to fight better, in Christ. Partaking here is one way we pray to God for strength to be faithful, even while we remember and thank Jesus for being faithful for us at the cross.


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