Caught, and Going Down

Proverbs 1:24-31

Wisdom warns us, if we refuse to heed her, destruction will come; calamity, terror, a whirlwind, distress and anguish. Slaughter and destruction. When these come, wisdom will not deliver the fool from them. She laughs, like the Lord laughs in Psalm 2 at those who fight against Him. When we despise the Lord and turn from His wisdom, we reap what we sow. We have to eat the rotten fruit from the rotten seeds we planted. If we turn again to wisdom and listen to her, we will live in safety with God in His house, in wisdom’s house.

It’s important to note, when wisdom says that the caught will call and she won’t answer in vs 28, she speaks of the call of the caught and afraid, not the repentant. Wisdom rejects the still-rebellious, the caught in consequences. Turn back to wisdom now, for God’s sake, and for your own.


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