Heading for Rome, or stopping at Geneva?

Peter Leithart was recently put on trial in his PCA presbytery for not conforming doctrinally to the Reformed Confessions. He was exonerated on all counts.

Now, apparently the main prosecutor has left the PCA and is headed for Rome.

Weird. Sad.

Peter Leithart and Steven Wedgeworth have good things to say. The summary:
There are some similarities between Roman Catholicism and a certain way of thinking as a Reformed Protestant:
1. The search for absolute earthly authority, whether in a pope or in a confessional document.
2. Too strong a distinction into "two kingdoms" (church and civil) looks and feels a lot like Rome's nature/grace duality.
Are there systemic connections here? Probably not. But people with an imbalanced need for things God doesn't give us on earth can do strange things.

Leithart is intriguing:
"Along with many friends and colleagues, I have long advocated a sacramental, liturgical form of Protestantism. We talk a lot about the Eucharist, and actually use the word “Eucharist,” which can send shivers up the spines of some Reformed Confessionalists. We emphasize the efficacy of baptism, and many of us wear a white robe when leading worship. When I use the word “catholic,” I usually mean it positively. Schmemann, de Lubac, Congar are among my favorite theologians. At first taste, all that can seem a gateway drug to something stronger that is found only in Rome or Constantinople. But all the basic components of what we offer come from Wittenberg and Geneva. What I and my friends offer is the antidote to and not the cause of Roman fever."

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