Sap, to bear fruit

Jesus tells His disciples in the upper room, as he passes the cup around the table, that He will not drink of this fruit of the vine again until he drinks it anew with them in His father’s kingdom. The sacrifice of Jesus was itself fruit taken from the vine of Christ, well-pleasing to the Father. We as branches are to bear similar fruit. This is why we commune with Christ’s flesh and blood, by the Spirit. His blood is real drink. By this communion His life-giving Spirit gives us sap that brings forth fruit on our branches, in our lives. This isn’t a physical transformation of our bodies, or this bread or wine. But it is certainly a real and spiritual transformation and renewing and feeding that is happening to those with faith. Faith leads to receiving Christ’s Word, His bread and wine, where we take in Christ’s fruit. So it’s no surprise that we then bear the fruit of His Spirit in our lives.


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