Give It Up

This is a table of reconciliation. It not only shows us what restored fellowship looks like, it also shows us how to get there. Restored fellowship looks like a famished body that finally gets fed. Our bones waste away in grief when we are separated from God and from each other in unconfessed sin. We need the nutrition of Christ to give us strength to live for Him.
And how do we get to reconciliation? By doing what Jesus did. He didn’t think it a big thing to remain equal in glory with God. He gave it up, humbled himself with many sacrifices, culminating in the cross. This is the source of our strength to reconcile with each other, and to bring the gospel of reconciliation to the world. Don’t think your reputation a big thing. Lay aside your preference. Sacrifice for the good of the body of Christ. But before you do, receive grace and remember you are a forgiven and loved child of God.


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