He Has Done It

Father God in heaven, Creator of all worlds, maker of grass blades and stars, blue skies and daddy long legs, trees and dirt hills, we praise You for filing the earth with Your goodness. For establishing the world by Your powerful Word, for framing the waters, the land and the sky by Your Son. We fear You and stand in awe of You, for You spoke and it was done. When we ruined Your good image in us, You spoke again, promising redemption and conquest of evil, and You have done it, and You will do it. So we have gathered on the day You raised Your son from death, to praise and thank You for undoing death, destroying the devil, and restoring fellowship with You. We gather in the joy of this good news, praying for Your Spirit to anoint us with reverence and joy to worship You rightly now.
We come to you through Jesus Christ, by the power of Your Holy Spirit who lives and reigns with You, one God without beginning or end. Amen.

Opening prayer

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