Weekly Wedding rehearsal

Heavenly Father, You have called us to Yourself through Your Son. You have given Him to us for a savior, a king, and a good husband. Your Spirit is preparing us as a bride for her wedding day. At this wedding rehearsal that we call Lord’s Day worship, we pray for understanding and insight to see what is going on. The same Spirit you sent to turn on the lights in us, and perform a heart transplant to make us live again, that same Spirit unites us to You, gives us a desire for you, brings us into Your presence in the heavens where Christ sits. We stand before you now, and You are holy, holy, holy. The angels sing this without ceasing and without tiring of Your infinite majesty. You are the almighty king. Help us see your sovereign majesty, truth and grace today. Help us to anticipate the wedding to come with joy and earnest preparation.

Worship Invocation

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