A Table of Ascension

We say lift up your hearts at this point, because we are lifted by the Spirit to heaven, where Christ’s physical body is, to commune with Christ there. Col 3:3 says your life is hidden with Christ in God. Let’s take our union with Christ seriously and say that by the Spirit we are up there with Him. Ephesians 2:6 says we have been made to sit together with Him in the heavenly places. Just as every Sunday is Resurrection Day, so every communion time is ascension time.

There are 5 basic things Christ did FOR us. He became a man to save men, He died, He was raised to life, He ascended to heaven, and He gave us the Spirit. We celebrate those 5 events on Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension day, and Pentecost. Today, we consider Ascension.

Part of the Lord's exaltation was His taking authority, FOR us. Fathers have a calling, a career, that gives them the means to provide a table for their families. So Jesus also has a calling that gives Him the means to provide a table for His family. His ascension put Him in that providing office. He is the everlasting Father of Isaiah 9:6. Let us worship Him – our Lord, and our God.


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