The Benefits of Wisdom

Proverbs 3:21-26

My son. This text reminds us that Solomon is speaking in the context of training his children. That means this text is for everyone. Parents are children of God, too. When Jesus calls to the disciples in the boat after Easter, He calls them children. None of us is capable of providing ourselves with food or wisdom – we need God to give to us. We are children.

Don’t lose wisdom and understanding. That’s the one command here, in verse 21. The next 5 verses give a long description of their benefits. Notice how little of Solomon’s training is command imperatives, and how much of his discipling is painting a picture for his children of the great joy and blessing of wisdom.

First, it is life to your soul. Wisdom isn’t just the thing that makes you do the right thing, it’s bound up with life itself. The way truth and life aren’t 3 separate things – they all come in one package of one glorious Savior.

Second, wisdom is grace to your neck. The idea there is beauty, a fitting demeanor and appearance. Too many think that godliness has to be plain and dour, when it really brings flourishing life, glory and pleasure. Wisdom is life and beauty. 

Third, wisdom brings safety and peace. No stumbling, no tormented conscience. Notice it says vs 25 that terror and trouble may still come from the wicked, but these will be overcome in the end. Keep wisdom, and it will keep you.


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