Revelation in Plain Things

Luke 24:17, 19-32
Sometimes Jesus is revealed to us in the strangest of ways. A look from a spouse, an act of kindness from a friend, an awesome sunset, a quiet and clear momentary thought. The resurrection of Jesus was very unexpected to the disciples, and He wasn’t unveiled until they broke bread with Him. Not even a sermon by Jesus Himself opened their eyes. We often look for the strange, the unexpected, the sensational. But God gives us ordinary means of grace. Places we should expect to find Him. The Word, sacraments of bread, wine and water baptism, and prayer. These aren’t guaranteed to reveal Jesus, to save us, as we saw in Jesus’ own opening of the word. They remained blind to Him. The Spirit must open our eyes and give faith, too. But where you are seeking Jesus and the salvation He brings, that you know you need, He will meet You. Expect to meet Him. Commune with Christ and cling to Him for your life.


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