That word liturgy is important. It means service. We have a worship service, where we serve the Lord. That’s the top line in our bulletin, "Lord’s Day worship service." That is what we are doing and when. Sunday is the Lord’s Day, when Jesus rose from the dead, when His Church gathers to worship Him. Today is the 5th Sunday of Easter, but we are observing Pentecost today, instead of 3 weeks from now, given the sermon text from Acts. We will be making more visible what time it is in the church year, both in this line in the bulletin and in the colors on the communion table and pulpit. Why? Our annual rhythms will be guided by something, by seasons of nature or national holidays. Far better to tell time by the redemptive acts of God in Christ. To let His Incarnation, obedience, sacrifice, resurrection, ascension and giving of the Spirit rule our thoughts for much of the year. It is an extended meditation on the fullness of what Christ has done for us. This is Easter season.

Let us ascend with the saints to draw near and worship the risen Lord, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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