Chaucer, on a good clergyman

There was a good man of religion, too
A country parson, poor, I warrant you;

. . . Who Christ's own gospel truly sought to preach;
Devoutly his parishioners would he teach

. . . Wide was his parish, houses far asunder
But never did he fail, for rain or thunder,
In sickness, or in sin, or any state,
to visit the farthest, small and great

. . .And holy though he was, and virtuous,
To sinners he was not impiteous,
Nor haughty in his speech, nor too divine,
But in all teaching prudent and benign.

…But if some sinful one proved obstinate,
Be who it might, of high or low estate,
Him he reproved, and sharply, as I know. . .
There is nowhere a better priest, I trow...

See the whole thing here, starting at line 477. 

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