Food for the Soul; Bread for the Journey

After Elijah calls down fire on Mt Carmel and kills the prophets of Baal, Jezebel threatens his life and he flees into the desert, despairing of his life. But God sustained him. God ordained this sacrament for us to remember Him, and to proclaim His death until He comes. But always remember this isn’t so much a religious exercise we are doing, a statement we are making. It’s more like food for us, God sustaining and strengthening our souls.

We have to eat and drink of Christ’s flesh and blood to have life in us, John 6 says, and that body is true food indeed. This isn’t meant in a physical sense, the flesh profits nothing He says a bit later. The Spirit gives life and feeds, but He uses the Word and this meal to do it. Feed on the Lord Jesus Christ now, in your thoughts, yes. But let your soul partake, desiring His riches, satisfied with His grace, longing to bear fruit for His name.


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