He's Got Us Covered

God points us to the cross, ever and always. Paul resolved to know nothing but Christ, and Him crucified, to boast only in the cross. All 4 gospels climax at the cross. It is the crux of history, where God kept His covenant to be faithful to His people. 

From the very beginning of history, God was pointing to the cross. Clothing Adam and Eve with the skins of animals that had to die for their covering. Adam and Eve had to leave God’s presence, but they left covered. 

We do not know God’s presence like Adam and Eve did before they sinned. Even now, after Jesus has paid it all, there is still separation. But we are covered, like they were, not just with animal skins, but with the blood of Jesus. 

We have this saying, “I’ve got you covered.” It works quite well for this. Look to this bread, this wine, to remember to see again Jesus at the cross. Look to the cross to see Jesus telling you, “I’ve got you covered.”


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