The Purchase and the Prize

In this supper we remember the cost of redemption and the result of our redemption. Jesus gave us bread and wine to remember His body was torn and His blood shed at the cross. This was covenant curse carried out against the Christ. Jesus calls the cup the covenant. He links this supper with His cross. This way we always remember, the coming of the king led Him to a cross. Discern His body hung there. We are to take up our cross and follow Him. So as we lift the cup to our lips, we remember our calling – to lay down our life for others, as He did. This was the cost of redemption.

We also see the result of redemption. As we lift the cup, we are feasting and taking our ease at table with the King, looking ahead to the marriage supper of the lamb. We look around and see those He has redeemed with us. Like everything else we do in worship, we do this together. Discern His body, the body of Christ, the Church, around you, and give thanks. From heaven He came and sought her to be His holy bride. This is covenant mercy and relationship extended to His people.


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