Frogmarched to 1984

Al Mohler tells me the Colorado baker who was told he has to bake a cake for a homosexual couple, is now being ordered by the judge not only to do it but to go to sensitivity training as well.


The Soviet state has arrived.

This is not like a restaurant refusing to serve a person of African descent.  I can understand laws that disallow refusal of service on the basis of race.  But we are dealing with a lifestyle and a behavior, not an ethnicity.  It's more like being required as a marketing consultant to take on as a client an adult video store and to produce an ad for it.  I have freedom of conscience to refuse such work/service based on a behavior I oppose morally.

At least I used to.

I will show a great deal of compassion to the homosexually attracted person who is fighting the urge to act on it, knowing it is a sin.  I will not endorse the behavior by offering a service to them like officiating, baking or photographing at their mirage - what they want to call a marriage.

Our government has called abortion a legitimate choice for 40 years, though it’s murder in God’s eyes.  Now our government wants to celebrate homosexual perversion, though it’s an abomination in God’s eyes.

Not only that, but they will frog-march to the propaganda room any citizen who refuses to burn incense to the emperor, who refuses to celebrate a homosexual mirage with his work, and who says things like I just said.

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  1. I saw an interesting comment somewhere on this. The baker should tell the customer that he is forced to serve that all proceeds go to support of traditional marriage proponents. I wonder how much of that business he would get, then.