Strolling the Links

1. Sexual Abuse
An excellent 25 minutes on how to understand and respond to sexual abuse as church leaders.  I found this very relevant to my ministry.  The speaker has 40 years experience counseling these cases.
1. Lean toward believing the allegations.
2. Protecting the flock by supervising past offenders isn't the same as withholding forgiveness from them.

2. Sloth and Porn
What's the connection between pornography, sloth and spiritual apathy?  Read about it here.
It's quite academic, but the prayer toward the end is especially useful.

3. What church members need from pastors
I’ve begun following the Aquila Report.  It’s a mixture of Reformed world news and opinion.   The news is good to know; some of the opinion is good, some of it’s not.
This was helpful to me as a pastor – 9 things church members probably want to say to me.

4. Grudges and Counsel
Randy Booth tells us to stop hanging on to that grudge and to seek out wisdom from our elders.

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