Posture at the Table

Psalm 23
"He makes me lie down in green pastures"

Sheep usually eat standing up, walking from one patch of grass to another.  But the host of this table is the only begotten Word of God, eternal.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And He wants us resting in Him, abiding in Him.  Not hurriedly eating a meal so we can rush off to our next appointment today, on this day of rest, ironically.  

Lie down.  Recline.  

At the first supper in the upper room, John the disciple Jesus loved, reclined on Jesus, against His chest.  Lean on His everlasting arms.  I do not think at this table that we should be on the edge our seats or on our knees, partaking as supplicants.  We have already confessed our sins. Rather, we sit back in our chairs in close conversation and communion with our host and others at the table.  He has made us kings and priests in His kingdom.  Not careless or casual, but knowing our place is secure in Him.  Not standing around the table as if ready to rush off, nor refusing the grace of our offered place.  

Sit and meditate for a while on Your savior, His mercy.  He is Your life, your light, Your good shepherd.


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