Witness, Work and Welcome

This table points to work and witness and welcome, too.

It points to Christ’s witness that drove Him to the cross.  He was the great prophet who spoke the truth about Himself, and our hearts that reject Him.  
This table points to Christ’s work on the cross, letting His body be ripped and His blood be poured out for you.
And this table points to the welcome Jesus extends to you.  Come to Him now.

We witness at this table, too, proclaiming the Lord’s death until He comes again.
We work NOT to work.  We are resting in Christ’s work here – the opposite of work.  Maybe it takes work to not work, to focus on the Lord instead of trying to earn God’s favor ourselves.  
And we welcome – we welcome the Lord into our hearts, our thoughts, our lives.  And we welcome His people as we look around, discerning the body of Christ in one another.  We receive one another.

Receive Him, rest on Him alone today.  


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