Communion Exhortation - 6/15/08

Text: Genesis 12-22
Theme: God's Covenant with Abraham

Abraham received bread and wine from Melchizedek, and offered a tithe back to him. We commune now with our great high priest, the one after the order of Melchizedek, Jesus Christ. We have given Him our tithe, and now receive bread and wine from Him, through His elder representatives. We do this because we believe God’s promises to forgive us our sins in Jesus Christ and to walk with us as our God. We believe because God first called us to Himself, changing our hard, rebellious hearts back towards Him.
At the table our children sit down and find food prepared for them. This is grace. We lead them that we need to respond to this grace with the duty of thanksgiving. So we pray before we eat, thanking God for the food, and telling Him we trust Him for our daily bread. Here at this Table, which sets the pattern for our family tables, we do the same. We experience and see God’s grace – a full table – our need for a savior provided. So we thank Him, and part of being thankful is eating what is set before you. Part of faith is trusting your father and mother to know what you live by, what is best for you to eat. We live not just by bread, but by the words that come from God. Trust Him. You need Jesus. You need God to accept His body as a sacrifice instead of yours. You need to be united with that Body, and so we eat this bread.

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