Communion Exhortation - 6/29/08

Sermon text: Exodus 24:1-8
Sermon theme: God's Covenant with Israel at Sinai

When Moses asked God to remember His promises to Abraham, God relented from destroying Israel. When we ask God to remember His promises to Christ, God relents from destroying us. His angel of death passes over us. Instead He brings us out of bondage to idolatry back to Himself, gives us His Word, and then invites us closer to eat and drink with Him on His mountain. For Israel, this all happened through Moses. But he was just a servant faithful in building God’s house – Jesus is the Son who owns the house. He is the one mediator b/t God and man. You haven’t come to Sinai, but to the heavenly Zion. God has redeemed you, forgiven you, consecrated you with His Word, and now called you to Himself on His mountain to eat and drink in fellowship and peace with Him.

So we can pass through the veil, through the cherubim-guarded gate, through the blood of Jesus Christ. As His body was broken, so the veil was torn. And we are invited to sit as His nation of kings and priests in the Holy Place, and eat the bread of the presence of God.
And so it is not the words of Moses or a common ancestry, race or economic status that bind us together, but the body of Jesus our Passover, sacrificed for us, the sign of which we pass now. It is not Reformed theology that binds us together, but the blood of Christ. It is not a commitment to homeschooling or family integration that binds us together, it is Jesus Christ. “From the fullness of His grace we have all received grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” Just as Israel was all baptized into Moses and all drank from the rock which was Christ in the desert, so we have all been baptized into one Body drinking of the same Spirit. Though many, we are one bread, partaking of the one bread, which is Christ.

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