New Gardening Technique

My "not Garden of Eden" garden is getting larger. The vegetables are still water-logged and the zucchini have a white powdery fungus on their leaves. Not much hope left there. However, I have been adding flowers around the house to brighten things up. In the process, I think I've created a new gardening technique.

I call it Resurrection Gardening.

Square foot gardening, lasagna gardening...all too easy. Where's the challenge in buying live, healthy plants, sticking them in fertile soil, then sitting back to watch them grow? My Resurrection Gardening technique is more akin to extreme sports - buy plants that are nearly dead (or severely stress them yourself by ruthless dividing, transplanting, etc), then work like crazy to keep them alive and nurse them back to a rich, green state. It's all about how close to the line you can come. Anyone see the movie "Flatliners"? You get the idea. So my flower beds are full, but might remind you of a Morticia Addams garden. Trust me, this is a much more thrilling way to do gardening, and you can usually buy nearly-dead plants at a very low cost.

I think I'll write a book about it.

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