Communion exhortation - 7/6/08

Sermon text: 2 Samuel 7
Sermon theme: God's covenant with David

Adam was placed in Eden on the mountain. Abraham first worshiped God at Shechem, on or near a mountain and trees. Israel worshiped at Sinai, ascending the mtn to eat and drink with God. David established the temple on Mt Zion, wrote psalms of ascent to sing as they went up the mtn to the temple, and Isaiah expects worshipers to call each other to worship saying, Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord. We do not worship at Mt Sinai, but at Mt Zion, Hebrews says. The ultimate sacrifice was offered on Mt Calvary, as Jesus was lifted up and drew many to Himself. But, back to the days of the kings and prophets, Israel committed idolatry on the high places, under every green tree. Even the best kings were usually not strong enough or righteous enough to stop it. And so, even on the mtn, in the heart of the garden, we find we must eat of the Lord’s table or the table of demons, but we cannot join with both. One will drive out the other. From where are you seeking life and nourishment? Today, the world’s high places call you from the shopping malls, board rooms, Hollywood sets, and legislative halls. These are places where you can worship God faithfully, but it is tricky given the worldly allure.
But don’t be fooled. You are on Mt Zion, gathered spiritually with all the Church in heaven and on earth. Even here, the temptation is great to go through the motions of faith outwardly, while inwardly you have some other god before Yahweh.
Direct your heart and your life to Jesus Christ. Look to Him for your salvation, provision, forgiveness. You are seated at the King’s table, and He has made you His son, His daughter. Do you trust Him? You don’t need perfect faith. You need to acknowledge there is no other Savior than Jesus. You need to cry out to Him to help your unbelief. If you do, then the important thing is done. Not that you know Jesus so well. But that God knows you, and has kept His promise to you in the Son of David: God will be a Father to you; and you are His child. In that joy and happiness, we eat and drink at His table.

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