Not the Garden of Eden

The garden of Eden had 4 rivers going through it, so I imagine that it was a well-watered place, not a desert-cactus type of garden. Four rivers must've made for some pretty damp soil. My garden has some pretty damp soil, too, especially when the kids leave the garden hose running and it drips away all night. However, my garden is not up to Eden standards. Sure it's lush and green, but there isn't much fruit to eat. In fact, Adam and Eve would've starved to death in this garden. We've picked about a dozen green beans, 4 leaves of lettuce, and although there are NINE zucchini plants growing, only one small zucchini can be found. And it looks like he gave up growing.

This gardener is not deterred; I will take dominion of the land! My gut instinct is that the reclaimed swamp we're living on has very poor drainage. The ground is slimy muck. So I'm off to find something to add to the soil to loosen it up a bit. Any ideas?


  1. The other thing to try is to make raised bed to get the soil out of the muck so that gravity can pull some of the water out.