Sermon shavings

After Solomon, in northern Israel, in 2 Kings, there are:
-7 kings, ending with worst, Ahab.
-Then Elijah and Elisha. Elijah does 7 miracles; Elisha 14
-Then 7 more kings, ending with destruction and exile

Similarities between Moses and Elijah:
Both confront a wicked king, flee into the desert, meet God on Sinai, and lead Israel in renewing covenant with God on a mountain. When Elijah dies, Elisha as Joshua crosses the Jordan.
One example to go deeper: Elijah is fed by ravens, which are unclean, representing Gentiles. Moses is sustained in the desert by Jethro, a Gentile. Israel is sustained in exile by Babylon, Gentiles. And Jesus is sustained in his ministry through women, from Herod’s own treasury.

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