Dance as Spiritual Warfare

The battle between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent is a most peculiar war. Our enemies wish upon us our destruction. We seek for our enemies’ redemption. They want us to go away. We want them to come with us. We dance not to win a strategic plot of land, nor to win an election. We are not whipping ourselves into a frenzy of wrath. We are instead entering into a season of joy. We dance in part to win souls. It is our hope that our joy, our joy that our hope would be the very brilliance of a city set upon a hill. It is our prayer that those who hide behind their curtains watching us would respond with longing, that they would come and join the dance. We dance because they are the enemy. We dance because we love them. We dance as well because when we were still enemies, the Lord of the Dance danced for us.

RC Sproul, Jr.

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