Chapter 16
God convicts Israel with the true story of Him marrying Israel, giving her life, clothing, and beauty. But Israel uses all God's gifts to worship other gods/husbands. She is worse than a prostitute, not wanting payment for her adultery with all the nations around her, but rather paying them. God will bring them and use them to strip Israel bare and punish her for this. Israel has made Hittites, Amorites and Samaritans her family, by her actions (the opposite of Ruth making Israel her family in Ruth 1:16-17). But God will atone for her sins in the future, with an everlasting covenant (Heb 13:20-21).

Chapter 17
God uses another picture-story to say that Israel's attempts to maneuver out of Babylon's desolation will not work. The remnant they try to make stand, God will topple; the remnant that looks dead now, God will regenerate.

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