The Faith of King James

King James gets a bad rap from us conservative Reformed, Geneva-Bible types. (If you didn't know, he put the King James Bible together to replace the popular Geneva, with its Puritan study notes).

But a friend reading James' Basilican Doron found him writing this to his son:

"But because no man was able to keepe the Law, nor any part thereof, it pleased God of his infinite wisedome and goodnesse, to incarnate his only Sonne in our nature, for satisfaction of his justice in his suffering for us; that since we could not be saved by doing, we might at least, bee saved by believing.(213)

"Now, as to Faith, which is the nourisher and quickner of Religion, as I have already said, It is a sure perswasion and apprehension of the promises of God, applying them to your soule: and therefore may it justly be called the golden chaine that linketh the faithfulle soule to Christ: And because it groweth not in our garden, but is the free gift of God, as the same Apostle saith, it must be nourished by prayer, Which is nothing else, but a friendly talkingwith God. "(214)

He still didn't like the Puritans, but mainly because they allowed sedition (against him), not so much for their theology.

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