Who to vote for?

I found this to be pretty good sense, election-wise...

"In thinking about whether to vote for McCain (for reasons I have sketched out before), I need to be very clear that I am contemplating whether it will be lawful for me, in this instance, to bow down in the house of Rimmon. I am coming to the conclusion that it is. But as I do, when I look to my right and left, I see a bunch of evangelical Christians worshipping in the house of Rimmon, and that can't be good. And I see others, third party perfectionists, who say (because it is an easy point to score) that anybody in that temple must be committing the same sin as everybody else in there. Their temptation, of course, is to worship inside the temple of their own heads.

"So, then, Christ first. Gospel first. Scripture first. The gospel is the only answer to the corruptions of our culture. If Christians have that straight in their hearts and lives, then they can be used by God in our generation in merciful ways. Some of them are voting outside the mainstream. Some of them are voting McCain/Palin. But none of them are voting for Obama."

Douglas Wilson

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