Chapter 33
Israel has a watchman: Ezekiel. He must blow the trumpet, warning her of attack. He must call her to repentance and to righteousness. Israel remained stubborn to the last, thinking they couldn't be exiled because they are children of Abraham. They would come and listen to God's word, but not believe or do them. News comes that Jerusalem has fallen.

Chapter 34
Israel's shepherds have fleeced and eaten the sheep, instead of feeding them, so Yahweh Himself, and His servant David will come and regather, protect and feed the sheep on the mountains.

Chapter 35-36
God condemns the mountain of Edom (Seir) for their reviling of Israel.
God blesses the mountains of Israel, promising cleansing and restoration.

Chapter 37
God continues promising restoration, showing Israel as dry bones resurrected and returned to the land. The divided kingdom will be over. They will have one king, one shepherd, David, and one eternal covenant of peace with God. He will live with them and be their God.

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